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A database is a central data store that is fundamental to the operation of our products. There are many different database systems available, both free and commercial. Below are several popular database systems that have been tested with our products:


MySQL is a popular open source database system. It is free for most uses, but may require a commercial license in some cases.
Click on the following links to download:
MySQL 5.6 Database Server
MySQL Workbench - Administrator, Query Browser, etc.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful commercial database system. Microsoft SQL Server Express edition has a 10GB database storage limitation.
Click on the following links to download:
SQL Server Express (Free)
More SQL Server Downloads

Oracle 10g

Oracle is the industry leader for databases. Oracle Database XE can be installed on any size host machine with any number of CPUs. The free version will store up to 11GB of user data, use up to 1GB of memory, and use one CPU on the host machine.
Click on the following links to download:
11g Express Edition Information
11g Express Edition Downloads


PostgreSQL is a full-featured database system that is free for all uses. It offers a broad set of advanced features along with a truly no-strings-attached licensing policy.
Click on the following links to download:
PostgreSQL Server


DB2 Express-C is a version of DB2 Universal Database Express Edition (DB2 Express) for the community. DB2 Express-C is a no-charge data server for use in development and deployment of applications including: C/C++, Java, .NET, PHP, and more. DB2 Express-C can be run on up to 2 dual-core CPU servers, with up to 4 GB of memory, any storage system setup and with no restrictions on database size or any other artificial restrictions.
Click on the following links to download:
DB2 Express-C Downloads
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