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OPC is an industry standard communication mechanism that is used by Inductive Automation to access devices. OPC Servers provide an interface to the device, so that the client doesn't need to know many different proprietary communication protocols. Below are links to some companies that produce OPC servers.

Matrikon OPC Server

Matrikon is the world's largest OPC server, OPC Client and OPC Driver developer that provides connectivity to every major control system and application on the market.

The MatrikonOPC Tunneller provides an easy, reliable and effective way to communicate between networked computers. It does away with the headaches typically associated with DCOM configuration.

Matrikon OPC Servers
MatrikonOPC Tunneller Download

Kepware OPC Server

Kepware's KEPServerEX is the leading OPC Server providing unsurpassed industrial connectivity with over 90 downloadable device driver plug-ins that support 100's of device model types.
KEPServerEX List of Drivers
KEPServerEX Information
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