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The OPC-COM Tunneler module eliminates many difficulties associated with establishing remote OPC-COM connections. The OPC-COM Tunneler module exposes OPC-COM connections to Ignition's OPC-UA server. The connections appear and behave as devices connected t...
To clarify, this is not a feature built into Ignition. The screen lock is a script located in the templated projects you can choose from in the designer. This script checks the inactivity of the client every 5 seconds. After a 5 minutes of inactivity the ...
INTRO This article will provide you the steps necessary to create a multi monitor project. This will give you the ability to launch multiple instances of the same project across multiple monitors on a single computer. This is merely an example of how th...
Java is a very popular programming language and chances you have several applications that require Java. The problem is that different applications require different versions of Java. For example, you may have an older application that requires Java 5 whe...
Using redundancy, two Ignition installations can be linked together, so that when one fails, the other takes over and continues executing. All of the clients connected will be redirected to the backup machine, and historical data will continue to be logge...
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