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Multi-Designer Saving Issue in 7.9.8
Posted by Dave Fogle on 06/01/2018 03:09 PM
UPDATE: The issue has been fixed in a new version of 7.9.8 (b20180607) which can be downloaded here.

There is a bug that has been discovered recently after the release of Ignition 7.9.8 that affects users who routinely use multiple designers at the same time for project design. It has the potential to be quite negatively impactful so we want to publicly address the details of this bug in order to help users avoid any problems or confusion it may cause. 

The issue revolves around how locks on project resources are obtained and released in an Ignition designer session. When a resource is opened in one designer a lock for that resource is correctly obtained and any other open designers will not be able to obtain that lock for editing. This is the expected normal behavior. Where the problem arises is when the designer currently holding the lock for the open resource saves the project. At this time the lock is released and it is possible for a second designer to obtain that lock for the same resource and begin to make changes. The initial designer is unaware that it no longer has a lock for the current project resource which creates a situation where both designers can makes edits and saves to the same resource, essentially overwriting each other's changes. This can lead to lost work and confusion on the part of the Ignition user. 

It is possible to work around this bug by ensuring that all project resources (windows, templates, etc.) for which a user has made edits to are first closed and the changes committed to those resources before commencing with a project save. By doing this the designer will have to try and re-obtain the resource lock after the save upon opening that resource for further editing. 

Due to the workaround being less than ideal for most users, Inductive Automation is quickly working to fix this bug and making a release with the fix publicly available as soon as possible. Until that time it is officially recommended that users working in environments where multiple designers are used concurrently to edit the same project avoid upgrading to Ignition 7.9.8. Another news article will be posted once a new release that includes a fix is available for download. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.