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8.0.12 Now Available
Posted by Mariah Taloa on 04/22/2020 10:13 AM

In 8.0.11 we identified a critical issue that causes undesirable behavior. To patch this issue, we’ve released 8.0.12 early. You can find 8.0.12 on the Ignition downloads page.

The Issue

The issue involves UDTs parameters not evaluating as intended. Specifically, numerical values intended to be integers could be interpreted as doubles. This is most problematic when using UDT parameters in the OPC item path of an OPC tag. For example, say a UDT member used the following for it’s OPC item path value, intending to use a parameter in path:


With the intent of evaluating to:


Due to the issue, it would instead evaluate to the following, resulting in additional undesired characters:


The Fix 

The fix for this issue is simply upgrading to 8.0.12. No further configuration changes are required. 

Other Changes in 8.0.12

8.0.12 contains no other changes. Any other feature or fix that was originally targeting 8.0.12 is now targeting 8.0.13.