Support Policy

Services and Pricing

Inductive Automation is dedicated to providing all customers with high quality product support. In order to ensure that your experience with our support system is consistent and effective, we provide the following support policy.

This support policy is effective as of 1 January, 2015. Inductive Automation reserves the right to alter this support policy at any time.

Following are the different types of support services that we offer:

Technical Support

At Inductive Automation, we strive for a very high standard of software quality. However, as with any software product, issues will invariably arise. Technical support covers a wide variety of topics dealing with our software and its interaction with other software. Some examples of topics covered by technical support are:

  • Database server compatibility
  • OPC Server compatibility
  • Software defects
  • Networking issues (as they pertain to our software)
  • Performance problems not caused by poor project design
  • Script troubleshooting
  • Etc.
Long-Term Support Program

“Long-Term Supported Version” means an Ignition platform version declared by Inductive Automation to be given Long Term Support. (Hereinafter referred to as LTS). Platform versions that are declared LTS will be supported for a period of five (5) years from the date of their original “dot zero” release regardless of the date of the LTS declaration.

Support for LTS versions is limited to critical problems where the software is rendered unusable and for which no work-around is available at the sole estimation and discretion of Inductive Automation. Only users with a valid I.A. Total Care Support Contract may receive support for the use of an LTS version. Bug fixes outside of this definition which are integrated into later versions will not be back-ported into LTS versions. LTS support excludes support for third-party developed modules.

LTS versions will be tested and updated to ensure compatibility with new Java patches. When new Java patches are released for the version(s) of Java that an LTS version of Ignition is compatible with, Inductive Automation will test LTS version with the new Java patch within three weeks. If an issue is identified, Inductive Automation with notify LTS customers via the LTS Announcement email list, and release an LTS update within six weeks of identifying the issue. Customers can subscribe to this email list via

Every effort will be made to name a new LTS version at least 24 months before the LTS expiration of the previous LTS version. Such declarations will be made solely at Inductive Automation’s discretion and announced via Inductive Automation’s website.

Version Release Date LTS Expiration
7.5 June 14, 2012 June 14, 2017
7.7 July 15, 2014 July 15, 2019

Total Care

Services and Pricing

A full Total Care Contract would cover both Support and Upgrade Protection, which are further defined as follows.

The contract is calculated for a year and it is expected that you keep this current by renewing it annually. If you keep this renewed annually and do not lapse, your contract price is calculated at the cost of the software at the time of your original purchase. If a contract does lapse, you will be charged a reinstatement fee, and your contract will be recalculated based on the current retail cost of the software. Additionally if it is not renewed prior to the next major upgrade, you will be required to get onto the current version (upgrading) at 65% of the retail cost, in order to reinstate your Total Care Contract.

I.A. Total Care Upgrade Protection Contract

Upgrade Protection, allows you to upgrade any I.A. developed modules that you have purchased. The cost is 15% annually of the retail price for the software you have purchased.

When the I.A. Total Care Upgrade Protection contract is purchased in conjunction with the I.A. Total Care Support Contract, each contract cost is 12% (or 24% total) of the current retail price for purchased software.

Upgrades needed without existing upgrade protection will be at the cost of 65% of the current retail price.

Support Package Works License ($14,300 retail cost)
Without I.A. Total Care Upgrade Protection $9,295
With I.A. Total Care Upgrade Protection Free
Software Updates

At Inductive Automation, we are constantly improving our software, both in features and reliability. To better keep track of each iteration of our software, as well as to coordinate upgrades, we assign version numbers to both the Ignition platform as a whole, as well as to each module. Version numbers are always three separate numbers separated by periods, for example: 7.3.8

The first number in this triplet is called the Major Version number.

The second number is called the Platform Coordination number.

The third number is called the Minor Version number.

The Platform Coordination number lets you know which version of a module is compatible with which versions of the platform. For example: If you were installing Ignition 7.5.0, all of your modules would need to be version X.5.Y, notice how the middle numbers match. We frequently release updates to Ignition and its modules that only change Minor Version number. These updates typically contain fixes and minor feature improvements. These updates are always free.

Less frequently, we have a coordinated release of a new version of the platform and all the modules. These updates typically contain major new features. Historically, this happens about once a year. When this happens, the Platform Coordination number will be incremented. The Major Version number of the modules may also be incremented, triggering a Major Upgrade. Put simply: A Major Upgrade happens when either the Major Version or the Platform Version number increases.

I.A. Total Care Support Contract

Each software purchase comes with 90 days of free telephone technical support. Telephone technical support, after the initial 90 days, is available with the purchase of our I.A. Total Care Support Contract.

I.A. Total Care Support is sold at 15% annually of the current retail price for purchases software. When the I.A. Total Care Support contract is purchased in conjunction with the I.A. Total Care Upgrade Protection contract, each contract is 12% (or 24% total) of the current retail price for purchased software. If I.A. Total Care Support is purchased within the 90-day complimentary support period, then it is valid for 12 months starting on the day that the 90 day complimentary support ends.

We are unable to offer Total Care Support for our free products or third-party developed modules. However, if I.A. developed free products are used in conjunction with I.A. developed paid products, then any Total Care Contract covering the paid products will cover I.A. developed free products as well. For example, if you bought The Works package, which includes the free Ignition OPC-UA module, your Total Care for “The Works” would allow you to receive telephone technical support for the Ignition OPC-UA module.

I.A. Total Care includes:
  • Unlimited telephone technical support
  • Design Consultation $210/hr (regularly $240/hr)
  • 10% off training courses and seminars
  • Priority email support
Electronic Support (Forum and Email)

Inductive Automation is proud to offer free electronic product support via our online forum and via email

Telephone Support

Telephone technical support is available during business hours for customers with an I.A. Total Care contract. This means that anyone within 90 days after purchase is automatically covered. Inductive Automation will also provide limited telephone technical support for prospective customers.

Telephone support is available by calling (916) 456-1045 during normal support hours: 6 am to 5 pm PST. Our telephone support is often enhanced by the use of GoToMeeting, which lets our support representatives actually see your issue live over the Internet, reducing incident resolution times to a minimum.

After hours, 24x7x365 support is available to customers who have a current I.A. Total Care Contract. When calling after hours, you will be given the option to be redirected to the emergency support line. After hours support is billed at $350 per hour with a one-hour minimum.