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Architecture Overview

Ignition is a powerful server application that consists of many parts. However, it is designed to be approachable and easy to start using up front, with the power to accomplish many advanced tasks as the user requires them.


In order to effectively use this guide and to get started, there are a few basic concepts about the architecture of Ignition that should be understood from the start.  These key concepts are located in the System Concepts chapter.


In addition to the internal architecture of Ignition, there are many system architectures that are possible. This is how Ignition is installed, and how it interacts with other key systems, such as Databases and OPC servers. The Architecture Diagrams chapter outlines a variety of different possibilities. Most users will begin working with Ignition using a standard architecture, where the software and all components are all installed on a single machine. To receive the full benefit of Ignition, however, it's important to know what is possible - and therefore it is recommended that you at least browse through the various architecture diagrams and advanced architecture topics. As your system expands, you can come back to investigate the possibilities in more depth.