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Client User Interface Properties

These properties affect how the Vision Client appears and behaves while it is running.


Minimum Size

Typically, a Vision Client is designed to run on multiple different resolution monitors. The various component layout features help design elastic screens, but sometimes you need to set a lower bound as to how small you'll allow the client's usable area to shrink. This is what the Minimum Size settings are for. You can see these settings visually represented in the Designer as lines on the Vision workspace. Whenever the usable space shrinks smaller than these bounds, scrollbars will appear, capping the width and height to these minimums. This defaults to 800x600.

Client Background Color

This option allows you to specify the color of the Vision workspace, which will be visible when not obscured by windows.

Client Menu

These options allow you to alter the appearance, or remove completely, the menu bar that appears in a running Vision Client.


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