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Enabling SSL Encryption

To enhance security in Ignition, you may opt to enable SSL encryption. This will affect all communication to and from the Gateway that is done over the HTTP protocol. This includes not only browsers interacting with the Gateway's web interface, but all Vision Client communication as well.


Turning on SSL will encrypt all data sent over HTTP. This protects your installation from anyone "snooping" the data as it passes over the network. This may be important if data transferred between the Gateway and clients is sensitive in nature. This also helps to thwart a security vulnerability known as "session hijacking".


To turn on SSL, navigate to the Configuration section of the Ignition Gateway's web interface. Use the left navigation menu to find the Configuration > Gateway Settings page. Here, check the "Use SSL" checkbox, and then press the "Save Changes" button.


After SSL is enabled, all clients and web browsers will be redirected to the SSL port if they try to use the standard HTTP port. By default, the SSL port is 8043. You may wish to change this to the standard SSL port of 443. To do this, follow the directions in Setting the Port.