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Gateway Navigation

Accessing the Gateway

The Ignition Gateway is accessed via a web browser. The web browser can be running on any machine that has network access to the host that is running the Ignition Gateway. By default, Ignition installs using port 8088.



If the host's IP address was, you would access the Ignition Gateway via the URL:



Gateway Sections

Across the top of the Ignition gateway you'll find several buttons that lead to the key sections of the server.



The homepage shows a quick overview of the primary modules installed. From here you can:

Launch Vision project clients.
View the current status of the SQL Bridge module, and how many transaction groups are running.
View the state of your device connections under the OPC-UA module.



The status portal provides in depth information about various parts of the Ignition system. There are sub-pages containing information about:

The state of the installed modules
The status of all DB connections, OPC Server connections, and SQLTag providers.
The status of the store and forward engine, including performance metrics and data cache information.
Current designer and client sessions connected to the gateway.
Status of all the Gateway Scripts that are running in each of the different projects on the Ignition Gateway
Information and statistics regarding the OPC-UA server.



This section is where all gateway/platform configuration is performed. See Gateway Configuration for more complete details.

In general, this is where you'll go to:

Create new projects
Create database connections
Create connections to OPC servers
Tune performance settings
Modify SQLTags Historian data settings
Manage users and roles and much more.


Launch Designer

This button directly launches the Ignition Designer.