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Shapes and components can be grouped together so that they act like a single component in the Designer. Grouping components is very similar to putting them in a Container. In fact, it is the same thing as cutting and pasting them into a perfectly-sized container and then putting that container into group mode, with one exception. If the group contains only shapes and no other kinds of components, it will be a special shape-group that has the ability to be rotated and has some other shape-like properties.


When components or shapes are in a group, clicking on them in the Designer will select the group instead of the shape. If you double-click on a group, it will become "super-selected", which will allow you to interact with its contents until you select something outside of that group.


Layout also works differently for groups. The layout setting for components and shapes inside a group is ignored. All members of a group act as if they are in relative layout with no aspect ratio restrictions. This special group-layout mode is also active when resizing a group inside of the Designer, whereas traditional layout doesn't take effect in the Designer.


Groups can contain other groups, creating a nested structure. Groups themselves are also components, meaning that you can add custom properties to groups, bind them, etc.