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Ignition Gateway

The Ignition gateway is the primary service that drives everything. It is a single application that runs an embedded web server, connects to data, executes modules, communicates with clients and more.


Starting and Stopping the Gateway

After installation, the gateway will be started automatically. Manually stopping and starting the service will depend on the platform that you are using.


Access the service control utility through Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services. The "Ignition" service entry can be used to control the run state of the gateway.


It is possible to control the service through the script. It can be called with the start and stop parameters to perform the relevant operations.

For example:

>./ start


Access the Gateway

To monitor and configure the gateway, you will use a web browser to connect to the web server operated by Ignition. See the Gateway Navigation section for information about how to connect, and a description of the gateway.


Gateway Control Utility

The Gateway Control Utility is an application that can be used to monitor the gateway and perform high-level tasks that aren't available inside of the web application. The GCU can be found from the Start menu in windows and in the install directory in other platforms. See Gateway Control Utility under the Basic Usage chapter for more information.