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Licensing, Activation, and Trial Mode

How the trial mode works

Ignition can be used for 2-hours at a time, with no other restrictions. At the end of the demo period, the system will stop most functions. For example, transaction groups will stop logging, and clients will show a demo screen. By logging into the gateway, you may re-start the demo period, and enable another 2 hours of execution. The demo period may be restarted any number of times.


All portions of the gateway (and therefore, all modules) share the same clock and will timeout simultaneously.


How licensing works

Ignition is a modular platform, and therefore, is licensed based on modules. Licensed and un-licensed modules can operate side-by-side, so some modules can be tested in trial mode while others run in a licensed state.


Despite the modular licensing, each server only has a single CD-Key and license file. That is, there is a single license file that dictates which modules are currently activated.


When module(s) are purchased, you will receive a "cd-key" - a six digit code that identifies your purchase. You then use this cd-key to activate the software, through the Ignition Gateway. Activation is a process by which that cd-key and its associated parameters get locked to the machine that you are activating. If you are adding an additional module, your account will be updated, and you can re-use your existing cd-key to activate the new features.


It is possible to un-activate your cd-key, freeing it for activation on a different machine.

How activation works

Activation, as mentioned above, is the method by which a cd-key is locked down to the install machine, and the modules are notified of their license state. It is a two step process that can be performed automatically over the internet, or manually through email or through the Inductive Automation website.


Step 1 - Enter CD-Key

When the software is purchased, you are provided with a six digit cd-key. After logging into the gateway configuration, go to Licensing > Purchase or Activate, and select "Activate". Enter your cd-key.

Step 2a - Activate over Internet

If your computer has internet access, activating over the internet is the easiest option. A secure file will be created with your cd-key, and sent to our servers. The response file will then be downloaded and installed, completing the entire process in seconds.

Step 2b - Activate Manually

If you do not have internet access on the installation machine, you must activate manually. In this process, an activation request file is generated (activation_request.txt). You must then take this file to a machine with internet access, and email it to, or visit our website to activate there. Either way will result in a license file (license.ipl) being generated, which you then must take back to the Gateway machine and enter into the License and Activation page.


License Reloading

If you purchase additional modules, they will be added onto your existing CD-Key. To update your license, you must reload it, which can be performed from the same location in the gateway as activation.


Transferring Licenses

If you would like to transfer your license from one machine to another, simply unactivate the currently licensed machine. This process is similar to the licensing procedure, but in reverse. If the licensed Ignition server has internet access, the unactivation will occur immediately, and the license will again be available for activation. If you do not have internet access, an unactivation request file will be generated, and the license will not be allowed to activate until the file is loaded into the Inductive Automation website, or emailed to support.


Emergency Activation

Licenses may only be activated one time. After that, if not properly unactivated, you must call Inductive Automation in order add another license grant to your cd key. However, in cases where activation is not possible, the system will be activated in emergency mode. In this mode, a temporary activation is granted that will run for 7 days, in order to provide you with enough time to contact us. The presence of an emergency activation will be displayed when logged into the gateway configuration, but will not otherwise affect clients or functionality.