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What are modules?

Modules are applications that are built on the Ignition platform and integrate into the platform in order to offer functionality. Most of the main features of Ignition are actually provided by different modules such as the Vision and SQL Bridge modules.


Modules integrate seamlessly into the system and provide things like new designer workspaces, new gateway settings, new drivers, and much more.


Why Modules?

The modular architecture of Ignition offers a wide array of benefits.

Flexible licensing - only license the modules that you need, saving money and reducing complexity compared to big monolithic applications that try to do everything. At the same time, the modules have been designed to offer a broad swath of functionality, to avoid having too many pieces.
Hot-swappable - Modules can be dynamically loaded and unloaded, allowing you to install, remove and upgrade them without affecting other parts of the system. This can have huge implications for big projects where up-time is important.
Increased system stability - Building modules on a common platform means fewer bugs, better isolation, and all around increased stability.